JAN BATHEL - Founder

Berlin, Germany  

 jb@49foodpreneurs.com                                         Jan Bathel is an entrepreneur, curator, and 49Foodpreneurs' founder. Jan is well known as organizational hacker, creative space explorer and a developer of border-crossing experiences. He is interested in innovative approaches to exploring the future of food organizations through art, leadership and organizational development. 

Jan creates mindful leadership programs, organizational development for new ventures, accelerator program-design & executive coaching. The doors of his company 49Foodpreneurs are always wide open for people who want and need to ignore gravity in other contexts. Jan done organization hacking in numerous ways: designing & facilitating strategy workshops, (un)conferences, art exhibitions, third places, merger processes, learning journeys and innovation camps.


MICHAEL DILA - Managing Partner

Toronto, Canada

mad@49foodpreneurs.com                         Michael has a passion for starting things. Whether it's companies or communities, he has spent much of the last 20 years breaking new ground. He is a leader in design thinking and innovation, with a passion for making both more rigorous and more accessible. Michael is a founding member of Overlap, a unique network of front-line innovation practitioners. He also helped establish the Strategic Innovation Lab (slab.ocad.ca) a center for research and development in design, innovation and strategic foresight at the Ontario College or Art & Design.
Before starting his life in design, Michael worked in many restaurants and slowly became both a passionate eater and an admirer of those pushing the boundaries of food culture and our experience of food. He plans to have his last meal at Nepenthe in Big Sur, California, though he hopes this meal is a long way off yet.


TILO HÜHN - Food Pioneer

Zurich, Switzerland

taj@49foodpreneurs.com                                 Tilo works with his team to create, vary, expand, and reproduce the information pathways that explore functional solutions for the food world. Together they are trying to establish the basis for the development of transformative food processes. During his childhood on a little farm close to the Rhine river in Germany, he was fascinated by the bio-transformational process of wine-making. He was trained as a winegrower and studied oenology, microbiology and psychologySince 1997, he has focused on process engineering in the field of continuous centrifugal extraction technology in Wädenswil Switzerland. In cooperation with industrial partner’s, he has developed new solutions for extraction of both more flavour and nutrients from grapes, apples, oranges, olives, tomatoes, spices, herbs, coffee, insects and cocoa were developed. Tilo cultivates the unknown and loves to dive with other people into the chaos to find new compositions for products and opportunities for transformative engineering. 


STEFFEN KELLNER - Managing Partner

Berlin, Germany

Before he joined Ignore Gravity as a partner, he worked for more than a decade in different management positions for Red Bull in various countries around the globe. Since 2015, he gives wings to the clients and projects of Ignore Gravity with his marketing and leadership experience and a passion for innovative storytelling, unconventional solutions as well as a focus in the cultural dimension strategy. 


ALEJANDRA GAVIRIA - Project Manager & Designer

Medellín, Colombia

agg@49foodpreneurs.com                             Alejandra is a Colombian industrial designer who traveled to Italy to pursue a Master of Science in Eco-design at the Polytechnic of Turin. She has been wandering around Europe for the last 3 years, learning about European cultures, trends and movements in society. She loves using Design as a tool to communicate and work in interdisciplinary areas that involve social, sustainability and environmental issues. She has done graphic, branding and interior design for restaurants and small businesses for the last 6 years. She believes that the best way to get to know a culture and a country is through their food and drink and that the act of sharing food connects people emotionally in powerful ways.


AMELIE BERMOND -  Project Manager

Berlin, Germany

                                                                                                          Our lives have always been about love, family, friends and sharing. Connecting with people, sharing stories and supporting one another to live our dreams, is what inspires her. She wants to live in a community where meals are eaten together no matter the size of the gathering. Amelie has a special interest in developing and working with Top Talent around the world and she assumes the road to success is a struggle. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Business Psychology from the Business School Berlin and soon a Master of Science from the University of Kassel in Hessen, Germany.
Her wish is to combine knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative.